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HTML5 Page Flip

HTML5 Page Flip – Use this tool to increase your traffic, it is free

When I finished creating my first PDF file I was excited to turn it into a Flipbook. I fantasized about how beautiful it would be. The only sites that seemed powerful enough to handle my task wanted me to pay a signup fee. This scared me. What if I paid them and their site turned out to be just as confusing and limiting as all the others? What guarantee did I have?

ideaFinally, after what must have been a hundred Google searches, I found Yumpu Publishing. This service promised me an easy PDF to Flipbook conversion. It was completely free to sign up so I risked only my time- and it was worth it. It proved itself to be everything that I wanted. Through just a few quick and easy steps my Dream began to take shape before me. Finding a free, efficient site was not even the best part of my discovery. It had so much to offer me that I had not even realized I needed.

It supports all devices, which means it can be viewed on a classical desktop or a convenient mobile tablet or phone. I can use this tool to embed every Flipbook I make onto my social networking sites, like Facebook. Since it is so integrated with social media, my content will spread fast and get more views than if it remained static on just one site. No other website could offer me this kind of marketing. I can make an online shop or a website to display my Flipbooks. It helps me with that too, making embedding my Flipbooks onto any other site as easy as the PDF to Flipbook conversion itself. The reason it is so simple to use is because of the software it uses. The service uses HTML5 page flip to give clients stunning books and diverse customization. That means my dream does not have to look like everyone else’s dream. HTML5 page flip uses the javascript library, HTML5, and jQuery. These are all technology languages used by the internet; this means the site and the world wide web can communicate effectively. Transitions and programs run smoothly. The last time HTML5 was revised was in 1997- it is the most widely used and accepted technological language. Yumpu knows the value of effective communication. It is a site based on communication- from the roots of its HTML5 page flip software to the Flipbooks it produces, it is all about speaking with efficiency.

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