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Add PDF to Website

Add PDF To Website – You don’t need any previous knowledge

I run a very busy blog site and am constantly uploading PDF files on my pages. The frustration with doing this before was that my readers got frustrated waiting for my PDF file to load because the process always super slow. Another big issue was that my PDF file never displayed right on my readers’ mobile devices after an upload. Worse yet, I couldn’t embed signup form videos or audio files into my PDF files or share them easily on social media platforms.

You can well imagine what I was going through. I had no chance of making my mark on the Web unless I had all of these problems solved and fast! Just when I thought all hope was lost, I found a workable solution: Yumpu Publishing. Not only did Yumpu resolve the challenge of me embedding PDF files on my blog site, but it was also easy, fast, and FREE to do!

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