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HTML5 Page Flip – Use this tool to increase your traffic, it is free

When I finished creating my first PDF file I was excited to turn it into a Flipbook. I fantasized about how beautiful it would be. The only sites that seemed powerful enough to handle my task wanted me to pay a signup fee. This scared me. What if I paid them and their site turned out to be just as confusing and limiting as all the others? What guarantee did I have?

ideaFinally, after what must have been a hundred Google searches, I found Yumpu Publishing. This service promised me an easy PDF to Flipbook conversion. It was completely free to sign up so I risked only my time- and it was worth it. It proved itself to be everything that I wanted. Through just a few quick and easy steps my Dream began to take shape before me. Finding a free, efficient site was not even the best part of my discovery. It had so much to offer me that I had not even realized I needed.

It supports all devices, which means it can be viewed on a classical desktop or a convenient mobile tablet or phone. I can use this tool to embed every Flipbook I make onto my social networking sites, like Facebook. Since it is so integrated with social media, my content will spread fast and get more views than if it remained static on just one site. No other website could offer me this kind of marketing. I can make an online shop or a website to display my Flipbooks. It helps me with that too, making embedding my Flipbooks onto any other site as easy as the PDF to Flipbook conversion itself. The reason it is so simple to use is because of the software it uses. The service uses HTML5 page flip to give clients stunning books and diverse customization. That means my dream does not have to look like everyone else’s dream. HTML5 page flip uses the javascript library, HTML5, and jQuery. These are all technology languages used by the internet; this means the site and the world wide web can communicate effectively. Transitions and programs run smoothly. The last time HTML5 was revised was in 1997- it is the most widely used and accepted technological language. Yumpu knows the value of effective communication. It is a site based on communication- from the roots of its HTML5 page flip software to the Flipbooks it produces, it is all about speaking with efficiency.

This video explains to you what this online service does


How to convert your PDF to an HTML5 page flip book

Converting your PDF to a Flipbook is done in five easy steps.

  1. The first step is to launch their homepage to create a flipbook from PDF. The home page proudly displays the featured Flipbooks of clients who have already realized their dream. Before signing up you can browse these works. They are all colorful, stylish, and easy to navigate. Reading a few of these Flipbooks gave me back my hope when I was still struggling to find conversion software that suited my needs. If these people can do it, and I can do it, so can you. Yumpu Publishing is a well-put-together site. Once you have launched it, and seen what it has to offer, you will want to try it out as I did.
  2. Step number two is to register. If you have already registered, you need to sign in. Registering is free. It is quick, too, so you can get back to designing your Flipbook. That is what is really important to Yumpu. It is not about paperwork or jerking people around until they give in and pay fees. It is about your artwork. It is about magazines and reaching other people. It is about spreading a message. Yumpu is free at every step of the way. Sign up by clicking on the “sign-in” link at the top right corner of the home page. Once there, you can scroll down and select “Create a new account.” The application is three bits of information: your email, a creative username, and a password so you can return to your account whenever you would like. Read the terms of service. Check the accept box, then submit your application. You are now a member. You can convert all your PDF documents to Flipbooks, for free.
  3. The next step is to import your PDF. This step is made so simple that I cannot understand what went wrong with other sites. Here you drag your PDF into a box displayed on the home page of the site. That is it. If you are looking for hoops to jump through or a series of links to confuse the process, you are at the wrong site. The online service does all of that for you, thanks to HTML5 page flip. Maybe that is what the other sites are missing. This conversion tool reduces your task to drag and drop. I cannot fathom why no other site is using it.
  4. Step 4 is the most fun. This is where you get to edit your Flipbook. Thanks to HTML5 page flip you can make your Flipbook unique. At this step, you can embed videos and images into your book to make it even more dynamic. You can give your Flipbook a background image suitable for your content instead of a generic one size fits all image. You can add colors to your book. You can even add them to the navigation bar your viewers will use to read your Flipbook. I have never seen such detailed customization on any other site. HTML5 page flip truly makes or breaks a PDF conversion website.
  5. When you are done turning your PDF into the best Flipbook it can possibly be, the only step left is to upload it to the server. Yumpu does most of this for you. All you have to do is click the button signifying that you are finished. Then your work can be proudly displayed on the home page. It can also be embedded via the use of HTML5 page flip to any social media site or private website that you want. Yumpu makes sure that your content reaches your viewers. If you need to make a change to your Flipbook you will always have that opportunity. You simply log back into the site, at any time, to edit and update your Flipbook. You can add new books to your portfolio as well. I was so impressed with how my PDF evolved through HTML5 page flip that I will not be going to any other site. I have found the only conversion tool I will ever need.

The best solution for my needs

Looking back I cannot believe how many sites I had to go through to find this great platform. I almost paid a site to do half the things that this service can do for me. Do not make this mistake. Trying Yumpu is free so there is absolutely no reason not to give it the trial it deserves. In fact, there are several reasons to try it out.

Yumpu and every piece of media it produces is optimized for Google searches. That means that any user looking for the topic you have to offer will find your Flipbook. That, combined with the easy to embed system that HTML5 page flip, guarantees your content will reach a wide audience. Marketing through your own sites is easy. I cannot stress enough how great it is that Yumpu links to my Facebook, Twitter, online store, and so many other places. With one click I am spreading my content to my followers. With one click, those followers can spread it even further. Anyone working on the internet knows the power of social media sharing sites. The marketing from Pinterest alone can fuel a business.

Flipbooks are on the rise. They simulate the reading of actual books, which makes your viewers comfortable with online reading. They are so flexible. They can be viewed using multiple formats and edited to seduce any audience. The connections to social media sites make them high impact. You can even add advertisements to your Flipbook for a little bit of extra revenue. HTML5 page flip makes adding ads easy and it is free.

I even pictured other people reading it and admiring my craftsmanship. So imagine my dismay when I tried site after site, trying to find just one that could create my dream. Converting a PDF file to a Flipbook was becoming much more difficult than I thought it would be. It should not be this way! I told myself that. It was hard, though, not to lose faith. Every website I tried was too complicated to use, or it limited my customization option. I did not want a Flipbook that looked like everyone else’s. I wanted my Dream.

The best part about the service is that it is user-friendly. No other website offers the peace of mind and ease of transition that Yumpu Publishing does. If you have any problem at all they even provide a free support network, called the Knowledge Base, to assist you in your project. They can answer all your questions and are eager to help you get your project off the ground. With this service, you can be confident in your decisions because you have the free opportunity for trial and error.

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