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Flip Online Magazine – The best tool and how it works

Sometimes back, I tried to create an interactive flip magazine (online magazine) using numerous tools and software available online at my disposal. However, I encountered great challenges while using these tools and programs and finally found myself searching for more suitable and simplistic ways that could manage the task without much hassle. I needed something that could save me substantial time and resources in developing a flip online magazine that was appealing and functioned virtually for the sake of all my online readers. Fortunately, after doing thorough research I discovered the free services been offered by Yumpu Publishing. To be honest with you since I found this website and discovered its distinctive services that its offers, I have never experienced the joy am experiencing at the moment since it has saved me lots of time and resources as far as creating and launching my flip online magazine.

How to create a flip online magazine for free

I am new in matters to do with online publishing. However, I do very well in matters concerning developing rich content and placing pages in an online magazine style. The challenge I encountered was deciding how to put the pages I had created and display them online in a dazzling way that did not require the magazine to be downloaded by the reader. My main expectation was to experience the flip online magazine actually online. And after experiencing it, I came to realize of the best aspects of Yumpu Publishing: its ability to create an online magazine with little time and effort and additionally, you can save it in pdf format. From the outcome of the process, I likes the appeal that was presented by my first issue of my magazine and I felt thrilled by the way it looked online and the experience my readers who have viewing it online.

Once I had registered for a free account, all I was required to do was to simply upload my magazine to the website and then bestow it with a name. Within a very short time the service had converted my pdf document into a nice and easy to peruse flip online magazine.

The process of uploading the document was very quick and maintained the appearance and layout that was there on my pdf document. However, this time it was possible for me to share the finished piece of work with the entire fraternity of my readers in a lively manner in which there were able to flip the pages of the magazine and even go to the extent of clicking the hyperlinks that I had embedded on the document. The services provided by Yumpu made my magazine to look fabulous.

Flip online magazine is compatible with various mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone and many more

Another issue that really mattered a lot to me was the devices that my readers would be using while accessing my flip online magazine. The good thing about Yumpu.com is the fact that it is entirely compatible with a various viewing platforms which includes desktop and mobile platforms. In case I had tried to convert my pdf to flip online magazine on my own, I highly doubt if I would manage to do the mobile alternative. This is one the reasons I have deeply loved the abilities of this great PDF flip book maker. The website’s system is able to do all that you wish and can certainly take your work from one level to another in virtual publication.

I also concerned myself with the way I would present the magazine to all my followers. I already have a website that acts as my main portal. When I used Yumpu, I discovered that it had widgets that allowed me to embed the flip online magazine straight to my website, online store, and also Facebook. I also realized that the website is completely integrated with popular social networks that I normally use to market my brands. To be honest with you, the more I experienced Yumpu the more fascinated I became. I had also not considered linking audio or video media to my flip online magazine to enhance its interactive abilities. Nevertheless, after realizing that Yumpu provided me with such unique options I can now comfortably consider making my online magazine even more interactive and media responsive so that I can be able to take advantage of the these exceptional aspects that cannot be found in other websites.

In a nutshell, if anyone wishes to generate an exceptional and engaging online magazine that has the capacity to spread all over like a wildfire, I would not hesitate to recommend you to use Yumpu Publishing’s services.

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