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Reaching your mobile users with online flipbooks is a much easier proposition than self-publishing a traditional book. Book publishing is an expensive business, and magazine publishing is no different. The online experience was once riddled with companies trying to recreate their publications in a format that did not allow readers to flip the pages. The Yumpu Publishing  PDF flip book maker creates a book that reads much like a traditional book, and you may create these books for free. You are not hamstrung by the limitations that are inherent in self-publishing.

How the PDF flip book maker works

This flipping book PDF software uses a systematic approach to creating your flipbooks. You insert your PDF on the website and the system creates an online flip book for you. You choose the format of the book, the style of the book, and the size of the pages by customizing your PDF file.

The flipbook PDF html5 software organizes the publications in collections and sections, and you may upload new revisions of the publications at any time. You can see how the magazine will be designed, and you may preview your final edition before you publish it. You are not stuck with confusing procedures that make the magazine hard to complete.

Your Publication – Your choice

The publication of your magazine or book is done only at the time you choose. The service allows you to save your documents until you are ready to publish. The PDF flip book maker makes it easy for you to manage the pages in the magazine, and you change the pages if you discover errors after publication, by uploading new revisions of the PDF.

Free Services

The majority of the services offered by Yumpu Publishing are free to all users. Your free account will help you create any publication you like, and the paid accounts offer a few more amenities that may help you create something beautiful.

The Reading Experience

The reading experience for all your readers is one that brings them in touch with your publications as if they are reading them in the flesh. The flipping book PDF software makes the pages turn like a real book when people are reading, and the page flipping sound happens when your readers have their sound turned up. The reading experience is much like sitting in the corner at home with the lamp on.

PDF flip book maker in the cloud

Yumpu Publishing publishes all magazines and books to their website in the cloud, where anyone can find them. There is no easier way to share PDF online. The service indexes all content to search engines, and new readers will find you every day. The publications you put out are free for anyone to read, and they may point back to your business. A catalog is easy for readers to browse, and they may come to visit your business after reading your colorful catalog.

The online option is much easier to use than sending items in the mail to customers many times over. Customers want to read at their leisure, and you are giving every reader that option with this technology.

You do not have to be a computing genius to create an online flipbook or magazine. The flipbook PDF html5 technology turns your PDF documents into readable books and magazines that are enjoyable to view. The color and motion that are contained in your magazine entice customers in ways that older online publications did not. Put aside your inhibitions to create something beautiful to promote your business or writing with the free service at Yumpu.

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