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Joomag Pricing – Is the price fair? Read the truth here!

Joomag pricing is one option that our company reviewed when we began our online marketing management search. We were interested in Joomag pricing since it has been used by several publications in our local community. We, also, reviewed Yumpu Publishing epaper solutions as an alternative for our needs. We were looking for a digital pub site that featured leading and emerging titles.

We looked through several other alternatives for our digital publishing requirements. Our selection for our epaper projects needed to include the following:

  • We needed to share PDF online and embed it on our websites. Our business websites included an online shop and a company blog that we author.
  • We wanted our publication to have important interactive features including sign up forms and hyperlinks out to our product descriptions. Sounds and videos were scheduled to be added later on. We wanted our products and services to be showcased for our readers with easy access.
  • Pageviews are important for our management goals since we use page views as a means of gathering sign-on readers and potential buyers for our products.
  • Double-sided presentation is important, and we needed our epaper solution to have this critical feature. We compared this particular option with other online digital publishing groups, including Joomag pricing.
  • We wanted an online epaper manager with a significant number of ereaders. Indexing by search engines is critical for our continued online profitability.
  • Social media platforms are important as a marketing corner and for sharing our information with our subscription readers.

Features for Our Epaper Solution

Our ereaders want a specific type of platform, with Facebook links and an online shop for purchases. We have noticed that our ereaders want to read other leading content about our particular sector of the economic markets.  Yumpu Publishing was an option we looked over for its leading and emerging titles in fashion and art, for example. We needed our digital publishing company to have an effective interface with both desktop and mobile devices. The following features are critical for our new epaper solution:

  • Joomag pricing had free service for creating digital interactive content. We compared this to the service and pricing with Yumpu. Joomag pricing included digital magazine publishing, photo albums, catalogs, and ebooks. All of the digital interactive options with Joomag pricing were included with this service as well. We compared prices and noticed that it was more cost-effective overall.
  • Joomag pricing added options for online editing. Publications can be enriched with video and audio.
  • Yumpu options included embedding our online magazines or epapers with our website or blog. All I would need to do is just copy and paste a few lines of code into our website. This seemed like a viable option since we are interested in keeping our readers up to date about our new products that we offer.

Options That Are Essential

There are several options and features that are essential for our online digital content. We want the following features for our continual publication site:

  • Joomag pricing offers creative solutions for interactive content. Yumpu is able to publish and convert PDF documents to an epaper content that is, then, embedded on a business website. This form of interactive content publishing is less expensive and tends to be popular with social media platforms. It is a free service for creating digital content for magazines, photo albums, catalogs, and epapers. You can publish most of your necessary documents from your personal computer.
  • Display for our publications can be online in a digital HTML5 reader, for example. We will need to upload a simple PDF file for this type of website presentation. Our epaper solutions are hosted in a cloud format.
  • There are additional features that we need for our epaper publications. We need all of our published documents to be readable on mobile devices and on desktop computers.
  • Epapers need to be fully integrated with major social networks in order to produce mass marketing of our publications. Search engine optimization is critical. Most epaper publication is important to search engine content that is easily picked up by the major search engine networks.
  • We need to link to our buyer’s shop from our epaper publication. This feature is included with a Yumpu Publishing business agreement. Our readers can go directly to a check-out purchasing webpage from our epaper.
  • Our company will need support for questions or customer concerns. We will use subscriptions later on and will require administrative services for our earnings transfers.

Multi-User Accounts

Multi-user accounts are necessary for our company since each of our employees has personal access details with varying security permissions. We are interested in the following business features with a digital interactive epaper:

  • We are looking for an epaper publisher with native iPad support. We want to push our magazines and epapers directly to an iPad from our digital manager. Our readers can experience additional options with high-quality navigation and rich media elements.
  • HTML5 reader capability is necessary for our mobile customers. This form of feature is necessary for our business since our mobile readers need to access their favorite papers directly from their mobile devices. No installation apps are necessary. Our publications need to appear perfectly formatted to their mobile screen size.
  • We have used mass mailing in the past, but we are interested in a hassle-free mailing delivery. We are interested in mass email delivery services. Our readers can immediately receive our recent publications and promotions from our digital content management mailing service. Our mass email delivery system can help to inform our subscribers as soon as we have our new products ready for a buying market.
  • We are needing to have our own management interface. We want to learn more about the people who read our epapers and want to add new leads for new subscribers, also. We are needing to have multiple brands under the same account since we plan to offer more and different products in the near future.

Benefits of an Epaper Publication

Epaper publications are easily recognized on today’s social media platforms. Epapers have become a viable method of sharing important and documented information from social media content to a new potential media customer. Our company is prominent on social media since we use this vast platform to launch many of our new products. Our general public with social media has been receptive and profitable for our beta products, especially. We are interested in furthering this type of platform marketing with an online epaper that is launched on our social media sites.

We can feature our latest epaper and later embed this document on our website. Most of today’s prominent search engines pick up epapers as valuable content, and we want to maximize this marketing phenomenon. Embedding our epaper is one step towards publishing more papers for the general public. We have looked over subscription ideas for our later papers and magazines. We are interested in digital subscriptions and a digital management company that can handle the administration. Payment processing will need to be managed, along with document protection and transferring profits taken into our own banking accounts. We want to start building brand awareness by highlighting our own logo. We need to learn more about the people who subscribe to our magazine and epaper publications in order to import new leads and new subscribers.

Finding the correct combination of mobile accessibility and easy navigation appears to be critical for an effective online epaper publication or epaper publication series. Finding a supportive reader base is essential, and continuously reaching out to these patrons is critical to keep our online publishing business viable. We will need to tap into a broadening reader market that is being created with mobile iPhones and other handheld communication devices. The mobile Internet is one market that we see as our best pathway.

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