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Add PDF To Website – You don’t need any previous knowledge

I run a very busy blog site and am constantly uploading PDF files on my pages. The frustration with doing this before was that my readers got frustrated waiting for my PDF file to load because the process always super slow. Another big issue was that my PDF file never displayed right on my readers’ mobile devices after an upload. Worse yet, I couldn’t embed signup form videos or audio files into my PDF files or share them easily on social media platforms.

You can well imagine what I was going through. I had no chance of making my mark on the Web unless I had all of these problems solved and fast! Just when I thought all hope was lost, I found a workable solution: Yumpu Publishing. Not only did Yumpu resolve the challenge of me embedding PDF files on my blog site, but it was also easy, fast, and FREE to do!

7 Benefits of a Yumpu ePaper

I never would have imagined that a PDF file could be converted to an ePaper to reach my readers no matter what device they were using or what social media platform they visited until now. After reading a digital publishing study in 2013, I learned that the benefits of convert PDF file to an ePaper and adding them to my website were tremendous:

  1. Once you converted your PDF to flipbook via Yumpu Publishing, it can easily be embedded on any blog, website, or online shop and is readable on a PC/Mac, tablet, or smartphone.
  2. An ePaper is interactive for sharing media such as sounds, hyperlinks, videos, and embedding signup forms to showcase services and products or other online projects.
  3. Compared to a downloadable PDF file (study office 2014), an ePaper has 2.5 times more page views.
  4. An ePaper provides a double-sided presentation and encourages natural reading patterns.
  5. An ePaper is indexed by search engines such as Google, which draws more traffic (12 x more readers and new customers) to a website.
  6. An ePaper can be shared on social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.
  7. An ePaper has significantly shorter loading times than a PDF file.

Why I Didn’t Shy Away From Adding PDFs to My Website

Of all the digital magazine file formats used to present content on the Web, my favorite magazine file format is PDF. PDFs are universally accepted, displayed, and opened worldwide. Not to mention that it can be opened on any machine running any operating system in any language with the layout of the document staying the same and remaining secure. I can even prevent someone from editing, changing, or removing pages while posting my PDF file on my blog page. All in all, I was very happy using a PDF file to upload and post my blog page I did create.

I wasn’t willing to let go of my favorite file format just because I ran into a few problems along the way while using it. Fortunately, the service and support I received from Yumpu Publishing saved me the grief of losing Web traffic while gaining more readers very quickly.

Why I Recommend to add a PDF document to my website

I would definitely recommend Yumpu to anyone who is a designer, magazine publisher, catalog publisher, photoshop user, or online shop owner if they want to simplify and streamline their online postings and add a PDF file to a website. What I really love about Yumpu is that it is a free digital publishing site that allows the reader to view and flip through catalog brochures, flyers, or a magazine online the same way they would if these materials were in their hands.

I was also very impressed with how popular Yumpu is as a digital newsstand/digital publisher creates the platform. Not only is their software used by many online publications, Yumpu Publishing features many leading and up-and-coming culture, arts, and fashion titles as well as hyperlocal content that are all accessible on any device readers use.

The software definitely doesn’t believe in producing generic-looking publications. Once my PDF file – upload was uploaded, it was hosted in the cloud as customized and attractive digital content to fit my blog’s page message. Regardless if I’m sharing content on Facebook Pinterest or Twitter, I can embed my digital media in any of these social media platforms that can be retrieved from any desktop or mobile device.

Not only are my converted PDF files optimized for search engines, but they can also be customized or edited to give my blog site a fresh look if I want to change background colors, add a logo, or change its design or layout.

One of the biggest obstacles I had to overcome to gain more exposure was posting my PDF file in such a way that could be easily shared and opened by my readers every day. With over 20 million magazines and millions of active readers, Yumpu Publishing is the only tool that will attract millions of avid readers through their software. For these reasons and many more, I highly encourage you to convert your PDF file documents to an ePaper and embed it on your webshop or web blog today!

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