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Allow me to introduce myself: I’m Sam Coleman and I’m a highly skilled web designer, front-end and back-end programmer. I’m unique in that I love both programming and designing. I have degrees in Computer Information Systems, Multimedia and Programming.On any given day, you may find me designing a cool new website, creating an amazing banner, building out a website with the latest HTML/CSS/jQuery techniques, creating a stunning WordPress website or programming a complex web application. I’m solution driven and creative in my approach, always ready to learn a new technology and perfect my techniques.
Publitas Alternative

Publitas Alternative? – Review plus free alternative!

When it comes to finding the best publitas alternative, I have found that nothing compares to Yumpu Publishing. I spent quite a long time trying to find a publitas alternative that I could use to effectively help me promote my business through dedicated publications which could then be used anywhere online. When I first started trying to promote my business in this way, I decided I wanted to use publications on all platforms of the Internet, ranging from websites and blogs to social media platforms. I wanted to educate my customers about the goods and services that I was selling and I wanted to do it by creating educational and informative publications that could also be used to serve as a springboard to get more potential customers. It sounded like an idea that should have worked enough but until I found, I often myself struggling to get something done with tools that simply were not effective.

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